Encirca℠ Yield Fertility Management Service

Align Your Yield Goals With Your Input Budget

Increasing crop yield without increasing your costs is easy when you have the right information at your fingertips. The Encirca℠ Yield Fertility Management Service from DuPont Pioneer provides powerful information that helps you maximize production with your existing fertility budget.

Encirca℠ Yield Fertility provides valuable information that gives you more control over your operation by allowing you to align your yield goals with your input budget to achieve the best results. Encirca℠ Yield Fertility combines more than 50 years of industry-leading agronomy with the latest technology to help you solve real business challenges.

Maximize Return On Your Nutrient Investment

Encirca℠ Yield Fertility gives you more control. Nutrient inputs are a significant investment. And when you take a blanket approach to application you inevitably over, or under apply limiting the return on your nutrient budget.

Encirca℠ Yield Fertility provides an easy way for growers to visualize the precise impact different input levels will have on both fertility levels and cost, on a per-acre basis. This valuable service helps you maximize return on your nutrient investment — and boost crop yields — without wasting valuable resources.

Encirca Starts Wherever You Are In Your Current Fertility Schedule

Encirca℠ Yield Fertility provides a service that combines data gathered from soil test results, yield history, and other sources to provide actionable insights. Additionally, Encirca Yield Fertility is a powerful collaboration tool that lets you conveniently create and share input plans with your agronomist and others.

For the first time ever, Encirca℠ Yield Fertility gives growers a way to model different application scenarios to see the projected outcomes in real-time. It can also be used to help growers improve the performance of multiple land parcels, even those under temporary control — such as leased properties — or land that is newly acquired with limited history.